Fresh Orgasmic Bottles

We're about sharing the love story for
how natural, organic & biodynamic
wines are grown, bottled, and shipped.

FOB, short for Fresh Orgasmic Bottles, is an understatement compared to what truly good wine can make you feel. Our selection of natural, organic, and biodynamic wines steer away from the intimidating, hi-brow culture that surrounds wine - and instead brings to you a down-to-earth, personal, and intimate approach to the selection and tasting process.

Curated from all around the world, our small, independent, rockstar producers avoid the use of colouring agents and artificial flavours while they lovingly keep the process real and traditional. It's not about a label that claims its "organic," - we've seen enough of that packaging to go around. It's about sharing our love story for how this type of wine is grown, bottled, and shipped.

It's the story that starts from the minute the soil is toiled. It's the philosophy behind biodynamic agriculture and biodynamic wine production that aligns with our own value system. It's about staying 100% true to a natural and pure process that we absorb into our taste buds, our dining experience, and ultimately, into our entire lifestyle.

Our Curator

Camille, born and raised in Washington DC, is a bi-national French/ American citizen with a serious passion for down home artisanal food and wine. While she is classically trained as a French chef from Ferrandi in Paris, she has spent her fair share of time in fine dining restaurants all over the world. Her love affair with natural wine started around the dinner table as a young child listening and watching her parents and grandparents ooo and aaww over their quirky new finds.

Camille loves sharing her experience and excitement about her small production, niche wines, with anyone and everyone. Confused about what bottle to order on a first date? Or what to pair with your main course? Camille loves to guide you on making your entire wine process fun and enjoyable. She truly hopes to make her mark in the continuing education of honest, real products made with nothing but love.

"Choosing a wine is like choosing a friend or a lover. You want someone with depth and history, that's fun and wild but can be taken seriously as well. You want to laugh because you enjoy their company so much. You want excitement but a certain consistency as well."


Our natural wine selection is based on the long held history of crushing grapes that were further fermented into wine. This selection avoids chemicals and technological intervention, producing a pure, sustainable, and natural taste.


Our selection of biodynamic wines is based on the process of biodynamic agriculture dating back to the 1920s. Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner introduced this holistic approach to agriculture, where he emphasised the interconnectedness of all animals, plants, and the solar system.


Our organic wine selection is chosen based on the principles of organic farming. More specifically, this process chooses grapes grown on organic soil.